Xi Jinping eyes of the people's livelihood short board which?

To improve the quality of basic education in poor areas and the level of medical services
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 9 (Tang) 2015 Central Economic Work Conference clear, supplement short board will serve as one of the five major economic tasks next year, which is the economic transformation and upgrading of the key to improving quality and efficiency. People's livelihood is the foundation of the people's happiness, social harmony of the country. People's livelihood attached to the people, the people unite the people, do a good job to protect and improve people's livelihood work, related to the well-being of the people and social harmony and stability. In the minds of Xi Jinping, Minsheng short board in the end what? How to make up? Promote employment: adhere to the employment priority strategy to implement vocational skills training system to create more jobs, increasing labor workers, especially front-line workers labor remuneration. To pay attention to front-line workers, migrant workers, difficult workers and other groups, and strive to enable workers to achieve decent work, comprehensive development. - Xi Jinping in the celebration of "May Day" International Labor Day and recognition of the national model workers and advanced workers pointed out that (April 28, 2015) October 27, 2015, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a press conference, In the first quarter of 2015, the progress of the work of the community was pointed out. From January to September 2015, 10.66 million new jobs were added to the whole town, 435 million were reemployed by urban unemployed persons and 1.29 million in employment. The urban registered unemployment rate at the end of the third quarter was 4.05%. At present, the quality of employment of some laborers is still at a relatively low level, mainly the proportion of vulnerable employment groups and unstable employment groups. The overall labor remuneration level is still low and the proportion of the initial distribution is not high. Aspects of the problem is still outstanding. "Thirteen five" planning recommendations that to promote employment and entrepreneurship. Adhere to the employment priority strategy, the implementation of more active employment policy, create more jobs, efforts to solve the structural employment contradictions. Improve the business support policies, to encourage entrepreneurship with employment, the establishment of a business platform for everyone. In addition, the proposal also stressed that the implementation of life-long vocational skills training system. Implementation of the new generation of migrant workers vocational skills to enhance the plan. To carry out the children of poor families, not to go to school high school graduates, migrant workers, unemployed and transferred workers, retired soldiers free vocational training. The implementation of the combination of work and study, school-enterprise cooperation in the training of skilled workers, the implementation of new business apprenticeship. Improve the treatment of skilled workers, improve the title evaluation system, to promote professional and technical titles, skills level equivalent to the big city settled in the practice. Poverty: the implementation of precision poverty alleviation, precision poverty alleviation to improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation to adhere to accurate poverty alleviation, precision out of poverty, focusing on improving the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. The key is to find a way to build a good institutional mechanisms, in the precise policy on the real move, in the precision to promote the upper and lower real power, in the precise landing on the results. To solve the "support who" problem, to ensure that the real poverty of the population clear, the poor, the degree of poverty, the cause of poverty and so clear in order to do the policy, due to people policy. To solve the problem of "who can help", to speed up the formation of the central co-ordination, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) responsible, city (land) to implement the implementation of poverty alleviation work mechanism, so clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, , Assessment in place. - Xi Jinping stressed at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference (November 27-28, 2015) Xi Jinping in the "CPC Central Committee on the development of national economic and social development of the thirteenth five-year plan recommendations" note that China The current standard of poverty alleviation is the per capita net income of farmers in 2010, the constant price of 2300 yuan in 2014, the current price of poverty is 2800 yuan. According to this standard, there were 70.17 million rural poor in the whole country at the end of 2014. "Thirteen five" plan recommendations clear, to implement precision poverty alleviation, precision out of poverty, due to local policy, improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Classification support for poor families, support for the development of labor capacity to develop the characteristics of industry and transfer of employment, "one party can not afford a party to the implementation of poverty alleviation relocation, especially important ecological and fragile ecological protection of poverty alleviation, the loss of labor capacity The implementation of the counterfeit security policy, the disease caused by the poor to provide medical aid protection. The implementation of subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation policy convergence, the poor should be guaranteed. In addition, to improve the quality of basic education in poor areas and the level of medical services, to promote equalization of basic public services in poor areas. Establish and improve the rural left behind children and women, the elderly care service system. Xi Jinping clear, by 2020, through industry support, can solve 30 million people out of poverty; through the transfer of employment, can solve the 10 million people out of poverty; through the relocation, can solve 10 million people out of poverty, a total of 50 million people. There are more than 20 million completely or part of the loss of labor capacity of the poor population, through all the minimum coverage, to achieve social security policy out of poverty. Strengthening the Education Reform, Promoting the Quality Education, Innovating the Educational Method, Improving the Quality of Personnel Training, and Making Great Efforts to Form the Educational Environment for the Development of the Innovative Talents. OF NORTH CHINA INSTITUTE OF WATER CONSERVANCY AND HYDROELECTRIC POWER (SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION). - Xi Jinping presided over the ninth Central Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee (September 30, 2013) China's education funding accounted for GDP 4% of the target written in 1993, "China Education Reform and Development Program", but until 2012 only To be realized. 2015 National Education Work Conference pointed out that since 2012, China's fiscal education funding accounted for the proportion of GDP continued to remain at 4% or more. "Thirteen five" planning recommendations that promote the balanced development of compulsory education, and comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching. Popularization of high school education, and gradually classify the promotion of secondary vocational education exempt from tuition and fees, the first from the construction of the card family hardship students to implement ordinary high school exempt from tuition and fees. Development of pre-school education to encourage the development of universal kindergarten. Improve the way of funding, to achieve family financial difficulties students full coverage. In addition, to improve the level of teaching and innovation, so that a number of colleges and a number of disciplines to reach or close to world-class level. Construction of modern vocational education system, promote the integration of production and education, school and enterprise cooperation. Optimize the disciplines of professional layout and personnel training mechanism to encourage qualified undergraduate colleges to apply to the type of change. Increasing income: narrowing the income gap and increasing the redistribution and adjustment efforts to maintain and improve the socialist basic distribution system, and strive to promote the growth of residents' income and economic growth, labor compensation and labor productivity to improve the synchronization, and constantly improve the institutional mechanisms and specific policies, National income distribution pattern, continue to increase the income of urban and rural residents, continue to narrow the income gap. - Xi Jinping presided over the Politics Bureau of collective learning (November 23, 2015) According to the National Bureau of Statistics February 26, 2015 released the "2014 National Economic and Social Development Bulletin" disclosed in 2014, China's income Gini coefficient of 0.469 , More than internationally recognized 0.4 gap between rich and poor cordon. The data of the Academy of Social Sciences show that the per capita annual income of high-income households (up to 20% of households) in urban and rural areas in 2012 is 43797.5 yuan, while the per capita income of low-income families is 1587.7 yuan, and the per capita income of the poles is 20 times. In addition, the National Healthcare Commission published the "China Family Development Report 2015" shows that the income of up to 20% of the family income is 19 times the minimum 20% of households. These two data show that China's household income gap has clearly become a social issue can not be ignored. "Thirteen five" planning recommendations that should narrow the income gap. Adhere to the residents' income growth and economic growth, labor compensation and labor productivity to improve the synchronization, continue to increase the income of urban and rural residents. Adjust the pattern of national income distribution, standardize the initial distribution, increase redistribution and adjustment efforts. At the same time, the implementation of policies to help narrow the income gap, significantly increase the income of low-income workers to expand the proportion of middle-income earners. Accelerate the establishment of a combination of comprehensive and classified personal income tax system. Multi-channel increase in residential property income. Standardize the distribution of income order, protect the legitimate income, regulate the hidden income, to curb the power, administrative monopoly and other non-market factors to obtain income, banned illegal income. Re - health: to promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals to speed up the construction of healthy China without universal health, there is no comprehensive well - off. Medical and health services are directly related to people's health. To promote the work of medical and health work down, medical and health resources sink, to promote equalization of urban and rural basic public services for the masses to provide safe and effective and convenient and cheap public health and basic medical services, the real solution to the grassroots people difficult to see a doctor The (December 13, 2014) Although China's medical insurance system reform and construction has made considerable progress, but overall, the social health insurance (social insurance), the medical insurance system, the medical insurance system, the medical insurance system, The progress of institutional reform is not satisfactory. There is a narrow coverage of social health insurance, multi-level medical security system has not really formed, medical and health system reform and health insurance system reform is not matched, the government investment in medical resources and other issues. "13th Five Year Plan" pointed out that the promotion of healthy China construction. Deepen the medical and health system reform, the implementation of medical, medical insurance, medicine linkage, promote the separation of medicine, the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the establishment of basic urban and rural health system and modern hospital management system. At the same time, comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, adhere to the public welfare properties, get rid of profit mechanism, the establishment of the medical industry in line with the characteristics of personnel compensation system. Optimize the layout of medical and health institutions, improve the upper and lower linkage, convergence of complementary medical service system, improve the primary health care service model, the development of remote medical care. Promote medical resources to the grassroots level, rural mobility, promote general practitioners, family doctors, in urgent need of medical services to improve the area, e-health records and so on. Encourage social forces to set up health services, promote non-profit private hospitals and public hospitals equal treatment. Strengthen medical quality supervision, improve the dispute mediation mechanism, build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. To help the elderly: a comprehensive release of the old-age service market to improve the personal pension account system, "to improve the system, improve the work to promote the diversification of diversified, diversified development, so that all the elderly can have some support, (December 28, 2013) According to the National Aging Office statistics, in 2020 the national population of the elderly will reach 248 million, according to the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, , The level of aging is 17%. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released a report that there were 14 provinces in 2009 that were not offset by the pension, and expanded to 19 in 2012. "13th Five-Year Plan" proposed that the active response to the aging population action, promote the elderly, pension, help the old social habits, building a home-based, community-based, institutions to supplement the multi-level pension service system, Health and pension services, to explore the establishment of long-term care insurance system. Fully liberalize the pension market, through the purchase of services, equity cooperation, etc. to support various types of market players to increase the provision of old-age services and product supply. In addition, we must improve the personal pension system for employees' pension insurance, and improve the incentive mechanism. The realization of the basic pension of the staff of the national co-ordination, the establishment of basic pension reasonable adjustment mechanism. Broaden the investment channels of social insurance funds, strengthen risk management, improve the rate of return on investment. Gradually increase the state-owned capital gains turned over to the proportion of public finance, transfer part of the state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund. Proposed progressive delay in retirement policy. Development of occupational annuities, enterprise annuities, commercial endowment insurance.

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