Turkey attempted military casualties caused serious casualties thousands of soldiers were arrested

In the coup, 194 people were killed in Turkey
On the 16th of the local time, the Turkish government announced the defeat of military coups by some military personnel, more than 2,800 soldiers were arrested on suspicion of participation in the coup. The Prime Minister of Turkey said the situation had been "fully controlled". The coup caused serious casualties. Crazy: the military control of television and traffic thoroughfare 15 evening, the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff part of the military officers launched a military coup, the capital of Ankara and the largest city of Istanbul, the situation is intense, experienced a night. The coupers seized the chief of staff, Hu Luxi Acar, who occupied television and traffic arteries. The coup, according to a statement by the local media, said that the country is now managed by the "Peace Commission", and curfews and military control, but also to develop a new constitution. Turkish social media website night was blocked. Turkey's largest city of Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge and the Mohammed II Cross-sea Bridge are also guarded by coup soldiers, traffic interrupted. Istanbul airport outside the tank deployment. In the capital Ankara, many came out of gunfire and explosions, military aircraft flying over. Witnesses said the helicopter opened fire on the official television station TRT in the air. Chinese Embassy in Turkey on the 16th that has not yet received the news of Chinese citizens affected. The embassy also urged Chinese citizens and Chinese overseas Chinese to stop going out and remain calm and call for a call for help. Response: the security sector and the coup who crossed the fire to the President of the soil when the holiday coup occurred, the Turkish President Erdogan is in the southwest of Turkey in the Mediterranean resort of Marmaris. After the news of the coup, he rushed to Istanbul. Prior to Erdogan had said on social networking sites that he still controls power. Erdogan said the coup was initiated by Turkish followers of the Turkish religious opinion leader, currently exiled by the Turkish Turutan Gülen. Erdogan called on the Turks to take the streets to support the government. Turkish Prime Minister Yıldırım said that the coup was launched by the "a handful of people" in the army, which was illegal. He has ordered the pro-government police, if necessary, to the coup who opened fire, not coup to succeed. In a confrontation between the Turkish authorities and the coup, a helicopter carrying the "coup" was shot down by the fighter. The coup also led to the death of more than one policeman, and another news that coup soldiers opened fire to the crowd, causing casualties. Although some places still have an explosion and crossfire, but the Turkish authorities announced the basic control of the situation, coup soldiers surrendered to the government. The situation has been controlled after Erdogan arrived in Istanbul. The Turkish security forces also rescued the Turkish chief of staff who had been taken hostage. Erdogan said that in times of crisis, millions of people took to the streets to support the government, defeated the crisis. He attacked the coup is "riot", "betrayal", said it would severely punish the coup. The Prime Minister of Turkey made a statement that the situation had been fully controlled. He said the coup led to 161 deaths, stressing that the figure does not include "attackers". Previously, the chief of staff of the Turkish agent said that 194 people were killed in the coup, including 47 civilians, 41 policemen, two soldiers and 104 coup supporters. In addition, the coup also led to 1440 people were injured. Turkish official sources said that at present Turkey has 2839 soldiers were arrested on suspicion of participation in the coup, 29 colonel officers and five generals have been dismissed. Erdogan said it would "clear" the coup d'état to keep the Turkish army "clean". Due to political turmoil in Turkey, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee announced on the 16th morning to suspend the 40th World Heritage Convention held in Istanbul. The Turkish parliament held an emergency meeting on the 16th. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, speaking on the situation in Turkey, said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassies and consulates in Turkey have failed to receive reports of damage to Chinese citizens and have launched emergency response mechanisms. China is closely watching the situation in Turkey and hopes that Turkey will resume its order and stability as soon as possible.

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