Car in the morning out of control Chuang Hotel Renyi driver pull the key flash people (Figure)

A black Mazda suddenly rushed to the era of Changsha Sunshine Avenue Jinsha Hotel glass door
@ Big: 2 meters away, this car broke into the car to hit the sleeping on the sofa in the lobby of the boss, and really is a big blanket! @ Hi city newspaper [verified] December 1 at 4 o'clock , A black Mazda suddenly rushed to the Changsha era sunshine Avenue Jinsha Hotel glass door, Fortunately, was stuck stuck, only to stop the crazy move. At the scene, the glass ball broken ground, the car in front of the two airbags have been opened, the car next to a pool of oil. "At that time I was lying on the sofa in the hall to rest, suddenly came a loud noise outside the door, this black car to open to my eyes." Hotel boss Luo Miaojun said, when the car is only 2 meters away from her, there are some Glass ballast splashed on her, but the two men and women on the car made her even more surprised, "they also intend to put the car down, and found to be stuck to simply pull the key to leave, I scared Did not dare to chase. "In front of the hotel, the ground still left a black brake printed, has been extended to the era of sunshine on the road, while the roadside flower beds and iron piles were also Zhuangfei. Mr. Yi guess the public, the car is likely to be because the speed too fast, did not hold the corner when it crossed the flower bed hit over. 1 morning, with the help of nearby neighbors, everyone dragged the car out. Sanxiang City Daily reporter found a card in the cab, through the inquiry, that the driver surnamed Liu, Changsha County people. As for the drunk driving or poisoning, the police are investigating. Reporter Yang Yu

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